As member of my generation, the Internet has largely come to shape the way I view, gather, and understand knowledge amongst other entertaining variables. The first thing I do when I do not know something is simply “Google It” and wait as the results pour in. It’s that rapid access to information upon which the Internet thrives, and there’s no end in sight, if anything, only progression.

There are two sides to any story and SOPA is no exception. I can understand the motivation behind it, the urge to protect artists’ original works, rights, etc. Just trying to imagine all of the “bootleg” movies and songs available through torrents and free download sites is dizzying. But the fact of the matter is, an attempt to regulate such material on as a vast landscape as the web would be invasive and constraining for the very artists laws seek to protect.

Everyone has to start somewhere. The Internet is by far the best way to gain exposure, it’s just a matter of choosing a platform or network to do so. Most of the time, you pick the best of several worlds (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Domain). Artists of all sorts have used the work of others as inspiration long before the Internet even existed. It is one thing to punish people for theft, but to restrict them from appropriating other individuals’ ideas and making it their own? Consider literature, philosophy, or even science, all of these contain theorists who consider work of predecessors, evaluate, and improve their ideas. The same should be able to be applied to all art forms, especially in the digital media realm because everything is quite literally “at your finger tips.”

Hey, I’m Randi Gonnelli, I’m a junior, and many of my hobbies have come to revolve around digital media. I’ve always loved photography and more recently, have started doing some work in the graphic design/web developing field. I’m interested in learning more about the art of blogging and other social media platforms (such as Google +) but in the mean time I frequent Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.