I wanted to share this link with you all about the New Jersey Common Core Curriculum Standards that teachers now have to address in schools.


I have actually already graduated from Rutgers with my bachelor’s in English and I am currently in the Graduate School of Education for elementary education and subject matter specialization in English. The technology standards were actually added in 2009 while math and language arts have been updated into what we consider the common core standards. Going off class discussion and how much technology was apparent in our education versus children’s education today, the gap is huge. I remember taking a “computer” class once a week in school where we basically just played on the computer and then maybe worked in a word document. Just finishing my student teaching in first grade, the students were required to use lap tops at least once a month. They were either brought into a computer lab with lap tops already set up or we had to bring them in individual lap tops to work on at their desk. Teachers have to keep these standards in mind and have the students be at the appropriate level when they leave each grade level. Students even in just first grade needed to know how to use the mouse, open folders, and be able to click on icons. I thought this was going to be extremely challenging, and even though it was for some, others were doing way beyond this. Children come into the classroom these days knowing how to work their mom’s iPhone and their dad’s mac. I swear some of those first graders were more tech savvy than I am. Of course, there were some who had no experience with computers outside of the classroom and they were at a disadvantage. This is just another outside experience that will have an affect of children in school. Is this just another aspect of school that children will either have the advantage or disadvantage due to their experience or lack there of with technology? Just something to think about!