I found the “Eat Your Vegetables and Don’t Forget to Tweet” article particularly interesting. We live in an age where fast is never fast enough, and being up to date with the latest in media and technology means you are actually behind a few trends. It seems like no matter how involved we make ourselves to be in the technology world, there are always features and gadgets that we still have to learn about and grow accustomed to. One aspect, in particular, is the social networking industry.The sudden emergence of social networking has caused users to communicate with others in record-timing and in vast populations. Not only have these sites allowed for convenience and amusement for those who use them, it has also aided in the successes of many businesses, artists, and bloggers.

As demonstrated by the Wilson’s, it is very important to be comfortable with the latest technologies in society because not only are they becoming an everyday necessity, they are also becoming requirements for job positions. Having competence in technology allows for individuals to be versatile and work at a fast pace. Access is given to users that allows for better research, communication and organization within the workplace. The earlier individuals become competent with the updates in technology, the easier it will be for them to adapt to new work environments and be “techno savvy”.

Networking sites, like Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook, each give members the opportunity to share information, whether personal or informative, to followers and other viewers. It has aided people, like Jessica Wilson, with promoting and marketing their art to thousands of viewers without even having to leave a computer desk. It’s as though society has become more culturally diverse through these sites, even though experiencing different customs has actually been simplified. With just a few clicks on any of these sites or simply “stalking” a Facebook or Twitter, one can find themselves looking at a webpage of a user from the other side of the world. This individual can be sharing art that is customary in their place of origin while being oddly unfamiliar to a person from the U.S. Whatever the case, the art that culture has is more convenient to come across because of the advances in technology and the social networking industries. It is almost inescapable.