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This post is in response to the article “Glogging – not Blogging.”


It’s unfortunate to say, but our school systems are crashing and we are falling behind in comparison to the rest of the world.  It’s not just the schools though, it’s the teachers too.  Like most of you (at least, I think), I’m very specific in selecting my Professors because we students can’t have that trust that every teacher is a good teacher, that every teacher is concerned for his/her students, that every teacher is preparing you to have a successful future, and the list can go on and on.  So, what do we do to protect ourselves and our futures?  We direct our attention to RateMyProfessors.com (you know it, don’t deny it), to the opinions of our friends and peers, and perhaps to teachers we like as well.  But overall, you get an unsafe feeling when you register for a class with a Professor that you haven’t heard of; I know I do.

So, when you encounter a great professor that sincerely cares, one that impacts your life and is there to assist you, it’s like taking a breath of fresh air amongst so much smoke.  And, as far as I know of 9th grade English teacher Tara Seale, she’s that breath of fresh air.  I’m touched by her unique teaching style and how she is using technology to bring out the best in her students.  I firmly believe that although all students may be different, particularly in how they learn, every student has so much potential. We’re all like seeds ready to sprout and blossom if the elements are right.

Now, back to how each student is different.  For me, for instance, I’m a very old-fashioned student in the sense that I usually like to write out my papers instead of type them because it just yields a better quality paper.  But, in Seale’s teaching style, I will be able to do just that since it’s accommodating.  I could write out my paper and then type it out.

Moreover, the fact that she requires for pictures to be added to the students’ writing is just plain fun.  Everyone, not just kids, love fun, so why not include this in the learning process?  Why should school and learning be like prison?  She asks for her students to supplement their writing with pictures and specifically pictures that are legally allowed to be reused.  This is not just teaching them to be considerate, but I am sure that her style also makes kids excited about what they are doing.  They get to incorporate art to their work and thus bring it to life.  What other English class lets you do that?  This ultimately causes the students to feel like their work is important; it’s something that they should not just care for, but present to the world.  Furthermore, by having them record their voice it not only helps bring life to the words they write, but it pushes them to be fluent.  Overall, this distinct teaching style is very well thought out and is, I am sure, effective.

I only wish that all teachers, not just a portion of them, could be so caring and that all curriculums update themselves while still paying heed to the benefits of old-fashioned learning.   I’ve ran away from technology all my life but I can’t deny the fact that using it properly can be tremendously beneficial for both teachers and students alike.