A creative use of the Internet that warrants more careful consideration: Twitter’s new live streaming feature.

On January 11, 2012, Tiësto’s concert, launching his new youtube series “In The Booth,” streamed live on Twitter, the first time the popular social media site has ever featured something of this sort.

The concert appeared on HP and Intel’s brand pages (the companies whom created the idea of the live video streaming, as well as sponsored it). Then, the concert played on both twitter pages for 48 hours.

Using the hashtag #TiestoLive along with their twitter account names, @HP and @Intel, HP and Intel promoted their company, as well as enabled the concert’s audience to connect with each other.

I break up these parts so that every aspect of what has occurred is especially clear. In my opinion, the sponsored live-streaming took advantage of the internet and used it to its fullest potential in a plethora of ways.

First and foremost, the concerts live streaming and 48 hour- post streaming, provided all fans who were unable to attend Tiësto’s concert with chance to watch it from home from home and at no cost. In this aspect, the internet proves to be a creative outlet as it allows individuals opportunities to experience events that they otherwise would not have been able to experience.

Second, HP and Intel used the creative capability the Internet offers in order to market their brand as effectively as possible. They used a popular social media site that allows users (and nonusers!) to connect with their brand. Of course, many people don’t just wander onto twitter and wonder what HP and Intel are up to. They grasped the attention of fellow Twitter users with the innovative idea of hosting a live concert. Even more ideally, a Twitter user didn’t have to be a follower of HP or Intel to view the concert. Better yet, having a Twitter account wasn’t required either. The public settings of Twitter further promoted HP and Intel’s name and also made the concert easily accessible.

Also in terms of promotion, the live broadcasting of the concert helped increase the name and popularity of Tiësto as well as his upcoming youtube series that was going to be promoted at the concert regardless. Showing the concert via Twitter gave Tiësto the opportunity to branch out to all Twitter users who would not have been able to be accessed if it weren’t for the internet.

Lastly, Twitter’s infamous hastag and HP and Intel’s promotion of the created hashtag #Tiestolive allowed the viewers to connect with one another throughout the concert. Therefore, the Internet also shows off its creative utility through its ability to connect the audience with one another, giving them the opportunity to share any input, thoughts, ideas etc… about the concert and Tiësto. The Internet, and furthermore, Twitter, provides a place where complete strangers can unite through shared interests such as techno music.

So, therefore. Twitter+ HP& INTEL+ Tiësto + Live streaming= a huge success in terms of promoting, marketing, reaching a vast audience, and connecting an audience with each other. The Internet supplies a window of endless opportunity where such elements (ones that, even on their own, prove to be creative and influential) can come together and form a powerful, ingenious force that cannot be underestimated in its effects.