This is in response to the article “Eat Your Vegetables, and Don’t Forget to Tweet” 

I found this article to be extremely interesting considering the fact that throughout the years many parents have put limitations on their children’s internet use, and have constantly worried about what their children are doing online whether they’re using social media or playing overly violent online games.  However, according to this article, times are changing and so are parents’ take on technology.  This article’s title perfectly describes how times have certainly changed; displaying that some parents put their children’s use of modern technology on the same level as the infamous parental line “eat your vegetables”. So has technology use taken a front seat when it comes to raising children? 

The Wilson parents highly encourage their children to make as much use of the internet as possible, whether they are shopping on Etsy or promoting their artwork on Twitter.  Clearly, the parents themselves are quite comfortable using modern online technology considering that they each have several blogs and they “want their kids to be comfortable with the latest in technology”.These parents have taken the use of technology in a whole different direction than most parents have in the past or the present.  They value technology as a means to get a job, promote yourself, keep up with the times, expand your own personal knowledge, and even share the knowledge you have with others.  These benefits have certainly been reaped by this family considering that the Mr. Wilson is a managing partner in a firm that invests in companies like Tumblr and Zynga and is on the board of directors at Twitter and Etsy. Also, Mrs. Wilson uses blogging as a means to keep her professional identity after she stopped working.  Clearly, this couple has made great use of the internet to keep themselves employed and modernized. Therefore, it is only understandable that they would want to give their children the same, if not more, opportunities that technology provided them with. 

The question we are faced with now though is: will technology be this important in most American households within the next few years? I strongly believe that it will.  Whether parents want their children to be technologically savvy or not, children are constantly exposed to the internet and to modern technology and they have no choice but to learn how to use it all. I’m not saying that all parents should be as extreme as the Wilsons when it comes to encouraging technology-use, but parents must realize that times have changed and children as well as adults are expected to use the internet for virtually every aspect in life.

For example, one of my professors strongly recommends that we follow him on Twitter to keep up with the environmental issues articles that he posts through his followers on Twitter. I thought Twitter was a waste of time until I registered for an account a few weeks ago. Now I’m hooked.  I not only keep up with news at the touch of a botton on my phone, but now I can easily keep up with my friends, the last celeb-gossip, my favorite TV shows, and I can even read my horoscope!

Technology has definitely taken a front seat when it comes to education and life in general.  Parents as well as individuals should not try to resist the pressures to learn how to use modern technology because pretty soon, proficiency in the use of technology will be equivalent to proficiency in reading.