It is my belief that the internet plays one of the most important roles for creative outlets, especially in the new technological age. Some of most obvious creative outlets include search engines, youtube videos, facebook, twitter, and blogs like this one. My personal favorite is the use of online videos for creative outlets, especially to try to gain some recognition within the internet community. Many different artists use online videos to try and express themselves, gain fame, or even to gain feedback on what others think of their work. The point is that these artists have the ability and the motivation to express themselves and to use new technologies and the internet to do it!

I have a friend that is not going away to college and is instead trying to make her career in one of her passions: cosmetology. However, rather than traditionally opening up a shop or becoming an assistant at a well known salon she is using the internet to show her creative talents in “how to” videos, such as how to curl your hair or apply a certain type of make up. She has everything from the simplest techniques of applying fake eyelashes or curling hair so very professional and difficult tasks. Not only is she utilizing youtube to post her videos, but she is also posting on twitter and face book so that she gains the most amount of followers and hopefully can make a name for herself. In my opinion this is a girl that has utilized some of the top technological outlets to show off her creative talents! As of a few days ago she happily celebrated her first video to reach 50,000 views (quite a feat for someone who started with nothing!).

The video we watched in class about singers advancing their careers through you tube reminded me of this friend. It is unbelievable that even though to a generation growing up with the advantages of technology using the internet for creative techniques can be an everyday thing, only a few years ago this was all unimaginable. Instead of making a name for herself, gaining fans and clients, and being her own boss through online videos, my friend would instead most likely be an assistant in a salon or still trying to figure out what to do with her life.

While youtube videos seem to be one of the most popular methods in expanding the creativity and talents of singers, actors, homeless men trying to make it as news casters (I think we all remember that story), and aspiring make-up artists, there are many forms of creativity found by using the internet. Different people discover new techniques everyday. I have friends and family members that develop web pages to show off their creative talents and interests, people that creative images to post on the internet to entertain others (for example all of those funny animal pictures that usually get turned into a mass chain email), and others like me that enjoy chatting and bloging to express their thoughts and writings (personally I enjoy poetry). As someone who is not that experienced with technology I am finding new ways everyday (for instance Google+ and wordpress!). While I may have my personal preferences for expressing my creative talents, new ways develop everyday with the expansion on the internet!

And for anyone that is interested in my friend’s tutorial I mentioned above you can see the newest one at the link below! She has many videos posted, many of which you will notice have been expanded on and edited as she grew accustomed to posting tutorials online. Like any other creative expression, creativity and technology can only get better as it is utilized!