So yes, I have converted.  Something about the elite nature of having to be invited motivated me to make sure I was part of the Pinterest community.  Just as I said in my last post though, don’t be fooled because I really don’t know how to use it!  I joined a couple weeks ago and have pinned 6 things so far.  One of which motivated me to call attention to Pinterest in my blog post tonight.  I logged into Pinterest this morning (while I may have been bored in class) and saw this picture:

Pinned Image

This is a picture of my sorority house that had been pinned by someone who is not from Rutgers.  They pinned it to their board about “decor”.  I ultimately joined Pinterest and visit the site for two reasons: 1) To plan my future wedding and 2) To decorate my future house.  This site is an awesome place to collaborate and share creative ideas with the rest of the community.  While this is my living room decorated for recruitment, this picture just goes to show you that one person’s every day life is another person’s treasure.  Something I did not find to be particularly novel, others have found their own creative inspiration from.