This post is in response to: Looking for Substance on the Web

What really defines creativity? Who really has the right to say that we are no longer original in the way we create or display something? The world as we know it today is completely immersed into the World Wide Web (WWW). There is almost nothing in the world that cannot be indexed somewhere or searched via the internet.

Some people state that there is no originality anymore and that everything new is just a copy of something in the past. But how else do we become inspired to do something? We all look to our past for inspiration, an object, person, or even place to spark that light of creativity within ourselves. Just because an artist creates something new through a compilation of images and videos he discovered on the world wide web, it does not mean it non-creative. If anything it shows that creativity is continually growing through the artist themselves. The artist throws their own spin and perspective on the images and makes it a whole new view for the world to witness.

A great example of this is below, I saw this while I was in the movie theaters and I was just truly amazed at the capabilities that the technological age has provided us with. The Canon corporation set a project in motion titled “Imagin8ion” where people throughout the world sends images via the internet and people have organized these images into a storyline that produced this movie. I hope that you all can watch this and understand the endless possibilities we’ve been presented.

Without the internet we would never have this.