Many now-treasured greats, including Bach, Van Gogh, and Edgar Allen Poe, were not respected or appreciated during their time. Now however, they have all far surpassed the point of becoming inspirational figures. Perhaps viewed their pieces the same way we now view the many expressions of creativity found on the Internet that we consider “trash”. Perhaps the same thing fate could be awaiting for the “trash” we look down upon and disrespect with distasteful comments or just ignorance altogether. Maybe one day their work will become treasured just as those pieces that used to be controversial are now treasured. While picture the worse YouTube channel you’ve ever subscribed to, it may sound silly (and even impossible) that such a bright future could pair it. But, the “townsfolk” back in the day may have felt the same way about Poe and Van Gogh’s chance of succeeding as well, and look what happened there. You can never know what to expect, no matter how crazy it may seem now. So, to even begin to differentiate between whether one’s creation of which they have shared on the internet is trash or treasure is harsh, judgmental and presumptuous.


Any form of expression should be credited as genuine creativity, despite our personal, subjective opinions of it. Even a quick swipe of crayon along a blank sheet of paper takes some amount of thought, even if its just a slight amount. We all know the artwork that we look at, saying to ourselves “Well, I could have done that with my eyes closed.” I remember being introduced to Picasso’s disproportioned painting in elementary school and wondering how on earth it was considered a masterpiece. I must have been blown into a state of pure bafflement when our teacher wanted us to replicate his style by creating a similar piece. Unquestionably, Picasso and his unique paintings impacted the world of art and left a lasting impression on those interested in it. Some may look at it and find meaning while others may question whether it contains substance. Sometimes we may have to readjust our perspectives to gain an appreciation for things that are unfamiliar to us. Either way, impressions of anything, especially while examining a creative work, are strictly formed by the individual, and every individual while have their own, dissimilar opinion of it.


I cannot stress it enough: every piece of work is a masterpiece in its own way, as cheesy as it may sound. “Trash” and “Treasure” are critiques that form from the personal opinion of the person examining them. Regardless of the label given, the fact that the work is a genuine and creative thought cannot be manipulated. Whether or not substance can be found on Web 2.0 anymore is a matter of the individual’s perspective of what is viewed and his or her opinion of what qualifies something to be of substance and what does not. But, if one lacks the perspective that allows the light bulb above the head to radiate with the reaction “ah! How creative!”… Well, that is not the fault of the individual, but the fault of the perceiver.