I see Jaron Lanier’s point that the expansion of the internet could lead to people turning towards technology and creativity rather than “traditional” creative methods, however in my opinion the expansion of the web can open the doors to many different types of creativity. As long as one can riffle through the “junk” that pops up regularly on the internet you can find a lot worth looking for!

Not only can technology help express the creativity of others, but technology can be used in the working world. For any students that are looking to become teachers there are many creative ways in which technology can be incorporated into the classroom. My Introduction to Education teacher last semester spent a lot of time telling us about the growth of technology in classrooms and how in many school districts the administration requires that teachers use technology in the classroom everyday. For upcoming teachers and students that don’t have a lot of experience with technology this creates a huge problem. Before taking the education course I didn’t have a lot of ideas about creative uses of technology, however I found some great courses that I would love to share for anyone that is looking to go into teaching or possibly for any other uses of technology in projects or presentations.

One example of a website that I have used in presentations is

www.polleverywhere.com. This is a great website that I’ve used in presentations and class projects that allows someone to take a poll of the audience observing the presentation. It is useful when quizzing an audiences knowledge, engaging one’s audience, and using creative technologies. The website is a lot like those polls one hears on the radio, like “text movie to 7747.” When presenting a project you ask the audience a question and then they text what they believe to be the answer to a number and the website ranks the answers in front of your eyes.

There are many other websites that help with education in the classroom, such as “Glogster” (http://edu.glogster.com) that lets students (or anyone in the business world!) create virtual posters that add a lot to any presentation, wall-wisher (that adds post-it notes), photosynth (which makes photos into 3D pictures!), and many more.

While there are many worth-while things to find on the internet, there are always that “junk” you may have to sift through to find the treasure! Nevertheless, for some comic relief I’ve added a link to a youtube video that my roommates shared with me. They thought it was hysterical, and while it was cute I thought it might have been categorized as what some might see as “junk.”