I found this article very interesting. I watched the Super Bowl this past Sunday, as I’m sure many of you did. While the commercials were a bit disappointing this year, they were also filled with advertisements for the newest smartphones and gadgets to buy. This article talks about how Best Buy incorporated several major innovators in the technological world into their commercial. There was only one problem — there wasn’t  a single female to be found! But, there were plenty of male figures such as Kevin Systrom from Instagram, Jim McKelvey from Square, and Chris Barton and Avery Wang from Shazam. And, all of these men are white.

Which leads me to my question– When people think of technology, do we associate it more with men than women? I asked myself this and I realized that I do, in fact, associate technology more with men. So, it was no surprise when this commercial aired with only men in it. Was Best Buy gearing this to a target male audience? You be the judge.