A Formula for Mapping Well Rounded Creativity

The grid posted above is a somewhat traditional expression of what it means to be creative. Of course, such a formula would rely on what we identify as knowledge and it’s relationship to creative thought. In the article, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?,” Nicholas Carr postulates that our entire way of thinking is being changed, because our experiences of using the Internet (for any number of reasons) is literally re-mapping our brains. There are plenty of benefits to utilizing recent innovations in technology, however, does it seem as if we have not spent an adequate time thinking through the potential fallout that might ensue from this shift?

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Given that you are part of a transitional group, of those who were not born with the Internet being the pervasive entity that it is today, while at the same time having been exposed to these technologies quite extensively from roughly the middle of your educational career, to the present – you are in a unique position to evaluate Carr’s claims. Do you find that there are clear examples where you find yourself in agreement with Carr, or do you find that, more often than not, you are in contention with the claims that Carr is raising?