After playing the video posted by Steven Lam of the Armin van Buuren Remix, I found it necessary for me to bring up the strong correlation between advances in technology and the new era of music that is emerging in today’s society. If asked, almost anyone at Rutgers can say they have heard at least one house/dubstep/electro song on campus. Whether you are walking on the streets of New Brunswick, or happen to stand next to a person with obnoxiously loud earphones, this recently popular music is very prominent on the Rutgers campus. Although this digitally composed music has been around for decades, it seems as though recently there has been a new edge to this music that is unlike anything before it. Artists like Skrillex, Pretty Lights, and Avicii are putting ridiculous twists on music genres that would normally be ordinary.

The main reason for this new emergence is due to the new technology enhancements and features that are available on special computers and at stores. The art of DJ-ing has transformed from manually mixing CD’s to all electronic digitized touch mixers. As the world of digital media and electronics improves and advances, music grows as well. Artists are now incorporating famous video clips, sayings and everyday sounds into their music productions. It’s an exciting time to witness what’s going on in both the technology world and music industry because there is so much that evolves as each day goes by.

To reference the music video that was posted, music and video editing has further emphasized how each aspect of the digital world compliment each other. Without the background music in a video clip or movie trailer, many viewers would lose focus within moments of it playing. However, if a song is playing that entices the viewer, it is more probable that he or she will remain watching until its conclusion. Music has increasingly shown to have an effect on the way digital media is seen, comprehended and shared. I am intrigued to see what will emerge from both the digital media industry and the music world and how the two will be incorporated into each other.