I  agree with many of the points that Carr brought up in the video you shared, but I do not agree that Internet is harmful. The Internet has shifted the way that this generation thinks about problem solving as well as communicating. I notice that my friends and I use the internet as our only source of knowledge. This leads to newspapers losing sales as well as reference books and other sources. Internet users have to be careful that what they are reading is fact and not opinion on sites such as Yahoo Answers and Wikipedia. But, it allows us to access information in ways we never would have dreamed of.

Furthermore, communication has changed entirely for my generation. Face to face talking and interaction has become minimized. Social networking sites which started off from Myspace and then Twitter Facebook Tumblr and others allow people to communicate in new ways.

I once read an article that our generation lacks social skills because we do not have as much face to face communication. This does not surprise me because in my personal experience, I can go weeks without seeing a friend and still communicate with them on Facebook and not lose touch. Our generation posts intimate details about their social life on these sites which keep their friends, family and acquaintances informed.

While the internet has shifted our communication and resource skills, I believe that it’s an important tool to move our generation forward. My friends can be in other states in college and I can still talk to them as if they are in the room with me. It is much easier to stay in touch with others as well as maintain relationships.

Knowledge is easily shared and accessed through a few clicks. I’m not sure if this change is necessarily bad, it is just a different era. The changes in these styles of communicating and accessing knowledge lead to change in thinking which is natural, but I’m not sure if I would agree that it is harmful.