So its no surprise that we all watch youtube videos and maybe watch at least 10 youtube videos a week? We do watch at least 3 in class usually. Recently, I have been getting so mad when there is an ad before viewing my video but youtube is getting smart. I wanted to know how much money people or advertisers make off these youtube videos. I googled it (of course, cause we google everything we don’t know these days) and found this article. It is dated since the article was in the New York Times in 2008 but this just goes to show that this started awhile back when people might not have even know how to make money off youtube.

After reading this article, some people may want to quite their job. Seriously, one guy was making almost $20,000 a month off his youtube video. Granted it does take time to get a fan base and realize what is quality content but is this serious? I am also recently hearing in the news that you may have to pay to have a youtube account but then you can make money off your videos. I am interested to see if this is true and to see if this changes the whole dynamic of youtube. Any thoughts?