So as I was browsing the internet today I came across a random video that really caught my interest and sparked a question/thought in my mind. Technology is rapidly changing and advancing in our society/world today, but where will it end us? With the rate that technology is changing we have all sorts of reactions from all different types of people. Such as will technology put me out of a job? Will technology help me live longer and give me better benefits in life? Even will technology over run my life and take over! With these advances that we as a society strive for do we ever really think of the consequences that it could really bring to us? How far fetched are these stories and movies that we view on a day to day basis.

From my personal opinion and being an Information Technology major I believe that that maybe one day we will get to the point where Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be capable of computing and processing our needs but never to the extent of over running us and turning our world into a dystopian society. Although we as humans are flawed and none of us are the ideal form of perfection we strive for greatness and that is what drives us to create new technology and better ourselves. As we innovate and create new ideas and physically shape them into form we almost always allow ourselves the backdoor exit to make sure we are ok in the end and we proceed with caution. Even for those times that we find ourselves in a bind that will seem like we are facing the worst of times we continue to push forward to correct our mistakes and advance ourselves a step further. Regardless to what many might believe, there are no advances in life without risk. To come with the new and upcoming we risk many things, security, fortune, as well as life itself so the question is what are you really willing to risk for a better, easier, and even more beneficial lifestyle.

Here below is the link to the video that sparked all of this.