This article ran in the New York Times a few days ago titled, “It’s Not About You, Facebook. It’s About Us.” It is a very interesting read that begins with an immature fight between Wortham (author of the article) and her friend– all over a status update on the popular social media site. After realizing the childish way that they both acted, Wortham was forced to consider if her “online relationship” was as important as real life ones. This topic comes up very often these days. Is it worth it to get in a fight with your best friend over a picture they uploaded and tagged you in? I recently read that a portion of divorces filed in 2011 were because of Facebook. It seems this site is actually breaking up marriages! And who knows how many high school relationships the site has caused to split! There must be thousands of 9th grade girls crying their eyes out because their boyfriend “liked” another girl’s status — the horror! The point is…we all delve too far into social media, taking things too seriously and causing drama within our reach.

What do you think? Is Facebook worth the fight so you can share those photos of you on your European cruise, or should we give it up?