Growing up in a world that has seen dramatic changes in technology and communication has been truly amazing and very exciting. Our generation has grown to adapt to the new “norms” of society, like reducing wastes, eliminating the use of paper and fast-paced communication. Most particularly in the North East, we take for granted the privilege it is to own such gadgets like the laptop, smartphone, mp3, etc. We expect to be owners of such materials in order to survive the daily “hardships” we face, not fully realizing that life does continue without these objects. As seen on Twitter, we experience “#firstworldproblems,” which include having to use a map because our GPS broke, or having to use a CD because our cars are not MP3 compatible.

As frequent users of these convenient technologies, many of us feel as though we are entitled to such amenities and services. High expectations are held by children for their parents to bestow the latest in technology for little to no cost. Children have become so spoiled and accustomed to this new way of life that it seems like it is very hard to discipline them once problems start to arise. As seen in the video below, out of the ordinary confrontations are coming about between parents and children regarding this sense of entitlement and laziness.

Father Shoots Daughter's Laptop

In this video, a seemingly strict father confronts his daughter about a rude Facebook post and decides to shoot her laptop to send the message that she will never see the Internet ever again. Although the use of weapons may seem a bit extreme, the father did have a valid point in saying that his daughter was overreacting about the amount of chores she was being asked to perform. Children need to understand that once they go away to school or move out of their original homes, they will have to work very hard and start from nothing in order to be successful. This individual’s daughter sounded as if she was above the act of doing chores and should be left to browse the Internet.

As a society fulling engaged in the use of technology and fast communication, we cannot lose the strong work ethic that many families began at the beginning of our nation’s history. We must acknowledge and appreciate the privileges that these new advances bring and never feel entitled to having these luxuries.