When one mentioning the term “cloud computing” or “the cloud,” a few users referred to clouds in the sky or government conspiracies. To clear up any misinformation, cloud computing is an internet-based computing where large groups are networked to allow the sharing of data-processing tasks, centralized data storage, and online access to computer resources. It is important to understand the newly erupting wave of services cloud computing provides for internet users. Numerous companies have adapted to the idea of cloud computing, such as, Google, MSN, Yahoo! Etc. The idea of sharing and saving data on virtual memory without having to occupy space on a physical entity is a widely controversial concept. Does one’s personal information, security and privacy become at risk? How safe is the data when stored in the cloud? The evolution of computer memory from a physical hard drive and software on CD-ROMs has now evolved to memory and applications stored, housed and ran from the internet; hence cloud computing. The larger question is how many people are using the cloud and do not know of its existence? The personal data/information, for example, pictures saved on Facebook, resumes uploaded to job searching websites and home videos saved on YouTube are all saved on the cloud. These files are stored online; stored on the cloud. Most users would not have known that their files are stored on what is considered to be “the cloud.”