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The other day, while posting comments on posts on this blog, I noticed that WordPress had added a “Reblog” feature to its array of tools.

As far as I know, Reblog is a feature that comes from Tumblr, and allows bloggers to take a post from another blog and put it verbatim on their own blog.  I found it interesting that Reblog had spread from Tumblr to the old guard of blogging, seeing how I always thought Tumblr itself could take a few notes from WordPress and Blogger.

In terms of creativity and expression, I happen to think that Reblogging decreases a person’s desire to be original and create his or her own material.  Erik, a person I follow on Tumblr, is dismayed by the profuse reblogging his peers engage in on the site:

My largest tumblr pet peeve is people who just reblog pictures or posts that other people have made. I just don’t understand that practice. If I like something I’ll actually press the tumblr “like” button on it, and then go on with my life. I can not comprehend what it’s like to be a person who finds satisfaction in owning a blog that has zero original content on it. So I just want to be true to my values and continue to post original content to my blog.

For people like Erik and me, the satisfaction in blogging comes from telling our own life stories.  These types of interesting stories abound on WordPress (not nearly as much as on Tumblr), but with the advent of the Reblog, I wonder how long this will last.