Let’s face it, life without Google would be very difficult for many people today.  Without Google, we wouldn’t be able to find reviews about new places we want to go to, we wouldn’t be able to find information about topics we know little about, there wouldn’t be a way to do simple background checks on new people we meet…basically, we’d be lost without Google. Personally, I know that my life without Google would be different. I use Google for a range of things from reading the daily forecast to doing research for class projects.

Although Google seems to be hindering our own personal thinking, I believe it’s actually improving it.  Having Google as a resource to turn to at the click of a button on my smart phone or on my computer allows me to expand my personal knowledge anytime, anywhere, anyhow. Furthermore, using Google as a source of information is not taking away from our knowledge or making us stupid in any way, instead, it is making us more efficient learners that rather Google an unknown topic rather than ignoring it and never learning anything about it.

Although we have formed somewhat of a dependency on Google and it’s ability to bring us so much information in so little time, I view it as a positive thing rather than a hinderance of any sort. Google has provided us with vital information that we expect to have at our fingertips multiple times each and everyday. Therefore, Google isn’t making us stupid; if anything, it’s making us less patient!