The other day my friend told me a story about his Uncle telling his family that they are not allowed to own a webcam because people will spy on him. He went on to tell me that one time his Uncle got in a fight with his wife and an ad came up for marriage counseling right after. He was convinced that the internet was spying on him. My first reaction was to laugh and say how silly that was. The internet can’t spy on you!

Yet, I have been thinking about this conversation and realized that there is some truth to this mans statement. Websites like Facebook track your browsing history and alter the ads on the website to suite your interests. If Facebook has the technology to view your history without your consent then what other websites or people for that matter have this power as well?

You can clear your history from your computer but everything you search on Google or picture you add to a social network site will remain in cyber space forever. Scammers have been able to use people’s credit card numbers by getting them off of the internet, which is extremely unsettling. There is no way to know that your information is protected once it is in cyberspace.

I found an article pertaining to this

This article explains that some websites install a tracking device by using cookies to view your recent searches. They can record every computer stroke and are nearly impossible to get rid of. Companies like Clearspring sell this information to advertisers. What a scary thought.

After this research I have to say my friend’s Uncle’s conspiracy theory really isn’t that far fetched.