O Holy Google

Image Courtesy of Marketing Pilgrim

“Do no evil,” right?  It’s Google’s unofficial mantra, and something that people have been holding Google to as the company has started down a dark path.

Yet, the general public, who uses Google on a daily basis, doesn’t seem to care.  Can anyone recall how many companies Google has successfully acquired in the past few years?  I know I can’t, so here’s the Wikipedia page for that.  While I’m at it, here’s a short list of some companies that could not, would not eat Google’s green eggs and ham.

Right in front of our eyes, Google has transformed from the darling of Internet search to the Frankenstein of the tech world.  But, we’ve largely been ignorant to that fact, aside from a few times the issue has appeared in the news.

The question of the week has been, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”  I say, it depends on the subject.  If the subject is Google itself, then, unequivocally, Yes.

Google makes videos like “Dear Sophie” to make us accept and believe in the reality of a life lived through and messages mediated by Google.  Judging by the video comments, a few of which read, “Would have been nice for my dad to do this :)” and “i will do this for my child, I’m now 15 and I’m lokking forward to the day, when my first child and me are sitting together and whatching that stuff ;)”, we’re already at that point.

None of these people bother to think how many ads they’ll be subjected to in the process.  Every time you log into Gmail to type a message to your daughter, there will be a set of ads ready to sell you girls’ clothing, accessories, entertainment and more.  And, when you watch those home videos you posted to YouTube, there will be ads superimposed over the video, and maybe even a commercial before the video starts.

So, you may think you’re being creative (and you very well may be), but in the end you’re just another indentured servant working slowly but surely to fill Google’s coffers.

I say, if people are not willing to take a good look at (or even just gloss over) what Google’s doing behind the scenes, then they’ve zoomed past stupidity and entered the realm of complicity and insanity.