I believe we should take a break from technology sometimes. it’s funny that this is beign discussed because i recently had a technology breakdown. For some odd reason my phone abruptly stopped working and by the way I reacted you would have though my heart had abruptly stopped working. I cried and cried and cired some more at the mere thought of being phnoeless for an entire night (needless to say I had planned an early morning run to the nearest Sprint store). My phone has become my lifeline. Its the second most important possession (right beneathe my car and right before my ipod). I understand the point you are trying to make about possibly needing a vaction from technology; however, i can see myself fully enjoying my vacation without my phone or any other form of tecnology. Without my phone or other technologies I would be so concerned with what I am missing out on and who may be trying to contact m, that I wouldnt enjoy my vacation. I think because cell phones have become a source of multimedia and becuase society has become so overly dependent on them that it is impossible to wilingly give them up. And in my case, not even for one night.