I was totally excited to come on to this blog and write a rant, I mean post, about our use  of language via technology. However I came across something that will just have to push my little language shpiel off to the side. I was merely scrolling through my Facebook news feed (which occasionally does come up with gems in the dust) and noticed one of my friends had put up an article by The Associated Press. At first glance of the title, which included NYPD and Muslims, I was ready to glance over it considering as an average Muslim girl, all the hatred and controversy is getting hurtful and overdone. However, her little caption for the link explained that Rutgers students were being affected by this as well and I was immediately intrigued.


Usually, like most of the others in our class, I’m an expert on skimming through lengthy articles and getting the main gist, however with this one I read every single word. When it comes to politics and controversy, I tend to hold the theory “Ignorance is Bliss” but this isn’t something even I can ignore. The NYPD  and it’s Cyber Intelligence crew have been tracking Muslim students within a long radius of the tri-state area? This is outrageous and ridiculous and puts a whole new spin on whether all our technological advancements are truly an advancement. We’ve come so far in this technological world only to take one GIANT step backward and renegade on our Constitutional rights? While I love my technology to death, things like this event make me so much more hesitant about the future generation becoming technology based. If we do progress into a technological era, where do our limits lie? Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing after all…