Footage is like a reel of life. Interactions, discussions, feelings, emotions and many other experiences that can be listed. Asking people about their trails and tribulations during incarceration became a reflection of what i go through everyday. People locked up do deserve to be where they are at because it is punishment for a crime they committed. Reform is well deserved. If a person decides that what they are doing in life is wrong and needs an outlet to vent, idealize, and resume a normal way of living, then so be it. Some crimes areĀ unforgivable. Of course murder, sexual abuse, molestation and any violent act towards another human being that results in a person being victimized and mentally distraught for years is unforgivable. I may be missing a few but you get the gist. When asking former incarcerated people how they felt in prison, the response was always in theā€¦

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