As we know the two biggest names in the technological computing world are apple and Microsoft and they have been rivals since the beginning. But regardless of their rivalry they have the same goals and missions, to provide user friendly personal computing and move the technological age forward.

I browsing the web earlier and I came across an article that discussed the future of these two companies and how they’re taking different approaches to their singular goal. To understand why these two giants have different approaches you have to understand their past. Until recently Microsoft has always been the dominating force in the computer world with their design, innovations, as well as capabilities and tried to stretch our their reach from not just computers but to other platforms as well such as mobile phones and tablets but had little success . But in recent years apple has gained huge momentum in the technological market with their new revolutionary product the iPhone and iPad. So with these both becoming closer on standings they have different ways to push forward, apple with their mobile and portable outlooks and Microsoft with their reliability and capabilities.

In designing the next new thing both competitors have been working with their strengths and completely pushing the envelope. In attempts to creating the newer and better operating system (OS) they are applying what they know and what they’re good at in each department they want to extend their outreach to, apple has recently announced their new OS Mountain Lion which integrates all of their ideas that were inputed into the iPhone into their new Macs and Microsoft is releasing their new OS Windows 8 which utilizes mobile and tablet capabilities of their touch screens. But here’s a question for you all do you really want your new computer being more like a phone? or your phone being more like a computer?

Mountain Lion vs. Windows 8: