Cloud computing is being used for many different things. Cloud based computing technologies are improving to appeal to everyone. (Industrial Engineer, 2011)  It was found (2009) that cloud computing can provide software, resources and information on demand through the internet and users can customize services to fit their needs. (BMC Bioinformatics, 2009) Collaborations between students, teachers and administrators in schools are all result of cloud computing. (On Cloud Nine, 2011) Also, a many companies have adopted this new idea of cloud computing technology agree with how it affects their IT. (Engineering and technology, 2011) A case study (2011) shows that even the pharmaceutical industry use cloud computing to better evaluate products. (Applied Clinical Trials, 2011) Another example cloud computing is being used (2009) is that libraries use the cloud to have a massive sharing of knowledge: researchers as well. (Library technology Reports, 2009) The government adopted cloud computing to consolidate IT work and by doing so things IT related have been working more efficiently. (Engineering & Technology, 2011) It was also found that (2010) IT is changing in the way it is staffed and developed. (The Journal, 2010)