With so many new products coming out in the last ten years such as the Ipod and Nook, the ability to retrieve music and information is now expanding more then ever. In my day to day life I constantly download music and use Youtube which only became popular in recent years. Before this new technology I would have to carry around CD cases and go to Barnes and Noble to physically buy them. Everything now can be done on the internet.

A great example of this is that my group is focusing on slam poetry for our documentary. I became very interested in the subject and used Youtube and Google to look up famous slam poets. One name Buddy Wakefield really caught my eye and I have been sharing his poems with my friends all week and listening to him constantly. (Below is my favorite called Giant Saint Everything)

I  was easily able to expand my knowledge with this style of art, and find several poets who are AMAZING with a few clicks.

Through Pandora I have downloaded a station with poets like him and can listen to it on my way to class, when I’m lying in bed, or working on homework. Innovations such as these change the game for artists. Many underground bands are being discovered through the internet – even Justin Bieber was discovered through Youtube! People from around the country can discover new music, or similar music to a band they already know. The increase in sharing art has sky rocketed in the last decade.