Thomas Suarez is an app developer….who is only 12 years old. This is a video of Thomas sharing his story on a well-known website called TedxTalks. Thomas is an excellent example of where our society is going when it comes to age and technology. It seems as if there is a direct correlation to technology increasingly and exponentially becoming more advanced, and the users of technology becoming younger and younger. Watching this video gave me chills and allowed me to realize that times are changing faster than we can keep up with. I remembered the times when I was shocked that young children even had the understanding of how to use cellphones…and now their creating apps. Its almost as if technology is moving so fast that these kids are soon going to be born, and their first words are going to be through text message. Thomas Suarez, I’m sure, is one of many in his generation and the generations to come, that possesses the increasing ability of technological use. This only leads me to be excited of our future. I think it’s great that young children are becoming smarter with technology. It will only lead to new and progressive innovations in technology.