I recently read the article recommended by Paul, “Why I Blog” by Andrew Sullivan, and while I agree with his view point, I wanted to point out an alternative viewpoint towards blogging. Sullivan seems to portray blogging as an activity which is, in a sense, free spirited. A way of expressing one’s thoughts without having to take the trouble to craft them as one would when submitting a paper. He describes it as an “unofficial medium”. However, he takes even a bigger step when he states that these blogs offer a deeper perspective than the media can offer and overall speaks about the all that blogs have to offer. 

While I tend to agree with his view, I also believe that there are a lot of bloggers (not a majority perhaps but quite a few out there) who blog not as a method of creative expression or provide thought provoking discussion but as a means to express their mindless activity. After all as humans we are selfish creatures and the ability for us to share our thoughts with individuals to get a maximum amount of attention for a minimum amount of effort essentially seems to be the motto of a good chunk of our society in the 21st century. See the development of Facebook and its success in recent past. The idea I meant to introduce here is that while we have a lot (probably a majority) of bloggers who contribute back to society in a positive and thought provoking way, we also have great members of the younger generation of bloggers many of whom seem to misconstrue the idea of blogging. Has blogging turned into a mindless activity in the eyes of a younger generation whose social appetite only seems to satiate by the quickest means of expression possible?