I thought I’d share the following article authored by the Rutgers MSA (Muslim Student Association). Please offer your support as this affects everybody, including you.

Official RU-MSA Statement on Illegal NYPD Surveillance:

The Associated Press recently uncovered that the NYPD was conducting unwarranted surveillance on Muslim university students throughout the Northeast, including the students of the Rutgers University Muslim Student Association (RU-MSA). Aside from the appalling discovery that NYPD officers had a safe house in New Brunswick for “intelligence gathering” in 2009, Muslim students were being profiled daily through websites, blogs, emails and meeting attendances. The profiling had no basis save for the fact that the students were of Muslim faith and members of the RU-MSA.

As the executive board of the RU-MSA serving a constituency of nearly 1000 members, we are outraged at this violation of civil and legal rights. There is absolutely no justification in religiously profiling university students who attend this institution to attain intellectual liberation and positively contribute to American society. The RU-MSA is an organization officially recognized by the university that maintains positive relationships with the administration, academic departments and a diverse number of groups on campus. We are a dynamic group that provides social, humanitarian, professional, educational and spiritual assistance to students on campus. To have past and possibly current members be treated in such a prejudiced manner is insulting to our integrity and our mission.

We urge the Rutgers community to stand up and speak out against this incontrovertible injustice. We ask that the university administration address this issue in the most respectable and ethical manner, as no student deserves to be treated like a criminal. The Rutgers populace should openly condemn the clear violations of the NYPD, who conducted illegitimate profiling outside of their jurisdiction and breached the constitutional rights of an individual. Rutgers University is recognized for its rich diversity and tolerance, and this breach of honor on our institution should bring together the entire community regardless of religion, ethnicity or social class. This case is a threat to the civil liberties of all students irrespective of one’s background. As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

The RU-MSA Executive Board

We urge you all to sign this petition started by the Rutgers Muslim Alumni Association if you have not done so already, we are trying to get to a 1000 signatures and need your help!