I read this article and even looked at the videos on youtube that it was talking about and I felt a bit disturbed to be honest. Pre-teen girls asking the world that is youtube to tell them if they are pretty or not. Girls ranging in age are seen telling their personal flaws, what they feel is wrong with them and then expect users to comment on what they feel. The comments about girls are  cruel, racist and in my opinion do more wrong than right. Other users are writing comments that will only succeed in putting the self esteem of these girls lower which can cause psychological problems. I feel like because technology is so available to many in terms of using it to connect to others it can lead to things such as these. Youtube specifically has become a platform where people express themselves visually for the world to see but is that necessarily a good thing? These girls are 14 years old or less posting videos hoping to find what people think about them perhaps feeling more comfortable in the cyber world than in the real world. The result are comments from people around the world saying hurtful things which makes me think that not only are children vulnerable in the environment in which they live in but electronically as well.