After reading the article on the under the radar social media tools available to users of the web, I realized that I do not use my social media advantages to their most potential. I am an avid user of both Facebook and Twitter, for social reasons and educational purposes. Most recently, I have used Twitter more as a quick access to current events going on in society than anything else. At times, I find myself typing in the search bar keywords that I am curious about for the latest news and updates on. It has become a sort of search engine for me in the sense that I want to find personal threads about these particular topics of interest. I have never heard of any of the tools mentioned in this article, and am very intrigued on how they work and help users with their social networking.

Living in an age where media is everything, it is comforting to see that here are resources available that are constructed to help us adapt to the constant evolving of the Internet. These programs mentioned especially help businesses who have turned to these sites to promote their products and services. Facebook offers page space that allows users to “like” their page and receive information regarding what they are trying to sell. I find that this is much more preferred, especially among the young adult age group because it sometimes replaces receiving email advertisements. I would rather look at an ad on Facebook in my newsfeed, rather than opening an email up to look at what is being offered. Normally, when I know an email advertisement is not something that I am interested in, I immediately send it to my trashcan. These not only annoys me, but it also wastes the time of whoever sent out the email and took the time to prepare the information. With having quick announcements on Facebook and Twitter, I am more likely to scroll past it and possibly pay more attention to it that I would in a normal email system.