I can honestly admit I’m a very technologically oriented person, and that with that I am also very avid about it’s uses and production. Maybe because I’ve grown up with technology all my life, or maybe because in technology I find stability and dependability. When I look at technology it is something that is tangible, pure science, the cold hard truth and the outcome of mathematics, physics, and engineering put to action. With technology as long as you continually maintain it properly it will not disappoint, but recently technology is advancing so much and it’s taken one of my favorite hobbies being a grease monkey (person who loves to work on cars in a sense) and it’s slowly turning it from something I love to do on my free time to something I’ve got to research and prepare myself for.

Over this weekend I went home to help my brother work on his new car, and with it came a lot of challenges that normally I would never face when it came to working on automobiles. The so-called “weekend” project I originally came home for has now become a weeklong project. Cars have advanced so much with the technology that goes into them that it makes it difficult to even change the oil in a car anymore let alone installing a complete exhaust.

After this weekend I began to rethink these advances we are moving and striving towards. Although I love technology is it going beyond the grasps of the common people? Will I need to have an engineering degree before I can continue with my passion of working on cars? I feel as though technology IS advancing towards a better and more easier future for us, but what is it really taking away from us?