As I sat down to do homework with my friend tonight she informed me that for her psychology class she has an assignment to raise a baby- online! I was shocked. I remembered in highschool I had to carry around a sack of flour for a week and that was my “virtual child”. Now, she has an interactive son named Hayden and is parenting him from infancy to 18 years old. She can watch videos of him and is given various scenarios to answer questions about.

I began to think how much everything has changed from the way we look up information to the way that we learn information. With just a few clicks, my friend has enrolled Hayden into a prestigious day care center, given him advice about how to fit in during Middle School and is now getting him ready to apply to college. She told me that she only started this assignment a month ago and has gone in depth through each stage of his life. I was really amazed how interactive this assignment was and how much more she is going to learn than I had when I carried around my flour baby for a week.

The internet changes everything for education. As more classes begin to utilize online resources like this blog and my friends psychology class, learning becomes more interactive and a lot easier!