I found this article to be interesting and very true. Companies like Apple and Windows have been working so hard to make their smartphones and tablets the best on the market, but it seems like they are not thinking about their computers as much. These companies have realized that they need to do something different with their computers that people will love just as much as their smartphones and tablets. Apple is actually coming out with a computer operating system called Mountain Lion this summer. Mountain Lion will contain several features that were previously mobile-only. For example, the iChat will be very similar to iMessage on the iPhone. It will also include a notification center just like the phone has. Windows 8 is coming out with the interface, Metro, that will act similar to a Windows phone software. Microsoft admits that they have not had a hit smartphone or tablet that can even compete with Apple, so they hope that their new computer operating system will make a change for the best.

In my opinion, the idea of making a computer system just like a smartphone and tablet has its advantages and disadvantages. I definitely feel like people will want to buy these new and coming products because they will be the popular, new thing out there on the market. I do feel as if making computers just like smartphones and tablets will make them too similar. Why would someone need a smartphone or tablet and a computer with the same features? I believe the computer systems for both Apple and Windows need to come out with something bigger and better. Windows, especially, needs to step up and create something different because as of now I believe Apple products are really taking over. Every technological device should be better than its last.

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