According to this article the 25th Billionth APP was downloaded today, meaning that one lucky person wins $10,000. When I first saw this post on my AOL newsfeed I couldn’t help but click on it and check out the article.

Of course the standard questions went through my mind like “who won?!?” but then I started to think more about the rest of the article. This article states that on February 17th Apple announced a countdown to their goal of 25 billion apps, and that “it took just over two weeks for customers to download over 660 million applications, which… works out to about 48.6 million per day” (huffingtonpost). I had to reread this quote twice just to believe it, 48.6 million apps per day?!?! That’s 562.5 apps per second. I didn’t even know that this many apps existed!

Even though I don’t have an iphone, I love finding apps online or on my friends iphones. While some are great for just-for-fun use, there are many that are actually very helpful! The article I read also lists out the “Top 10 Essential Apps,” ranging from Twitter to the daily weather alerts. Obviously, “essential” Apps vary from person to person, but I found the idea of an App being “essential” interesting. While the maps and weather apps seemed very appropriate to be deemed “essential,” I had to draw the line at things like facebook. Are Twitter and Facebook really an essential part of life? I guess for some people it might be (however I feel that our professors would tend to disagree as we face book in class). In this technological age, I can see that Twitter is of great importance for things like marketing and fundraising, however I fail to see it as an essential part of life. Thinking of Apps as essential brings up an entirely new question of how much we depend on apps in general. When I first started to learn driving and when my family and I would take road trips, and I would need directions I would naturally grab a map out of my glove box or rely on landmarks that I recognized to help me find my way. Now I can ask my sister to pull up the GPS app on her iphone and show me which way to drive. I find these new apps a lot of help, in many convenient and easy ways to help me on my way, but I can only worry that it makes me more dependent on things like iphones. Are more Apps the way to a better way of life? Or is downloading 48,600,000 apps a day a little bit overboard?

It is clearly in Apples best interests to make sure consumers continue to download Apps, which is why marketing tricks like giving $10,000 away to the user that downloads the 25th billion application. At first when I saw that they were giving $10000 away my first thought was “man I wish that was me!” (and is still one of my top thoughts). However, are marketing campaigns like this helping Apple dominate the application market and keep their iphones number one? Should we be worried that too many applications are going to dominate our lives? Think about it, these applications have the ability to combine all of our favorite things; facebook, twitter, angry birds, video games, google, etc. Or are applications just another step in helping make our lives easier? As for me, my phone is always glued to my hand (and I don’t even have an iphone!); I would hate to think what would happen if I could have an iphone with so many billions of options for applications!