While looking for articles to blog about (on Google), I came across this video from the Wall Street Journal of two broadcasters discussing the current state that the search engine Yahoo! has been in. It seems clear that the world of technology is being run by the major search engine, Google. Everywhere you click, Google has its name connected with it, or is in the process of being apart of whatever it is that you are searching. I, myself a Google user, am not very familiar with the service that Yahoo! has to offer, but from what I take from the video, it has not been in good competition with Google.

Yahoo CEO Preps for Layoffs

One major feature that seems to be lacking with Yahoo! is the lack of animated advertisements on a page. Although I do not know exactly what the two men were referring to in the conversation, I took it upon myself to open up a Yahoo!’s homepage to see what a typical experience is life. I must say, it is pretty bland, and sort of reminds me of my middle school days when I would be in AIM and have that homepage open on my desktop for hours.

It may be a preference thing, but Google’s homepage is more simple and less hectic to have open. IF one wants to browse different areas of the Internet, there are tabs available to narrow searches to find information. The main focus of the Google homepage is the SEARCH BAR (the most important part). On Yahoo! there is too much to see at once. The search bar is inconveniently located off-centered at the top of the screen and my current view at eye-level is Bill Gates. If I was interested in Bill Gates and about that particular topic, I wouldn’t mind opening right up to a picture of him, however it’s highly probable that most people who are opening up Yahoo! right now are more focused on using the search service and finding an answer to their questions as soon as possible.

With that said, I can understand why Yahoo! stocks may be down, and why it is looking to layoff some of it’s employees. If the company changed some of its features and got into competition with top search engines like Google, it might be able to turn around it’s current state and bring in higher revenues.