As I was doing some research on malware ads to write a great blog post for class, I got distracted of course. However, Google is NOT making me stupid, I just happened to get distracted by what I found to be an outrageous article on the CNET site.$400-beats-by-dr-dre-beatbox/?tag=mncol;editorPicks
 Now I know the music industry is big part of the technological world, but really? Four. Hundred. Dollars. For that money, I might as well buy myself an iPhone 4S even though I am in love with my sensibly priced Android phone. Luckily for the music AND Android lovers however, AT&T customers can enjoy these hopefully amazing speakers along with the latest Android 4.0 programming on the newest both to be released closely. You can catch these amazingly controlled sound-waves in action, when they’re used live on American Idol on March 14th. 

However, this leads me to wonder; if people were willing to spend $400 for a nice stereo, how much higher are technology prices going to leap? What does this mean for our already receding economy? Have we really come to a point where we haven’t even noticed how high gas prices have jumped because we’re awaiting the release of the next iPhone, iPad or iWhatever? Although, this seems to be a great publicity stunt for AT&T to get back on the map. Not much attention has been paid to them since the failed merger with T-Mobile, and this is the first I’ve heard of them owning HTC.