After coming across this video, I became very excited of the future of technology. If we can come up with technology that actually works like this then our future would look so cool and I even believe the functionality of our world would be more efficient as well. This video pretty much shows the evolution of technology and communication through the use of glass, with window shades and tvs and mirrors and countertops all being made of glass embedded with communicative technology so it it all linked together to give you tv, the news, and even the capability to text a friend back on a mirror in you bathroom while your brushing you teeth. Yet I do think that there may be some negatives to this concept technology. The first being that our world may get caught up in always looking at the distracting world around them and it may affect the driving safety. Also the privacy of the world and the people in it may not be as good as it is now. The glass makes it sometimes too easy for people to see your information. But In all I hope this or a variation of this type of technology is created and implemented in our world.