I’m sure a number of you have seen this amazing new video circulating around the internet right now about Joseph Kony and the current campaign against him.  I don’t want to undermine the power of the video in any way by attempting to paraphrase it but it’s an incredibly inspirational and ethical cause that everyone should take part in.

Aside from that, more related to this class, this video shows how truly powerful and beneficial technology can be.  Before this recent movement starting in 2003, barely anyone around the planet was aware of Joseph Kony and his wrongdoings (which have gone on 25+ years).  But with the explosion of Facebook and multimedia sharing, an enormous campaign against child soldiers in the LFA has begun and is looking very promising.

Everyone should, at some point, set aside thirty minutes to watch this video.  Trust me, it will be better spent than Facebook stalking or watching Jersey Shore.  And don’t forget to share.

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