The video my group and I presented today on “How Accurately Does the Media Portray Islam?” was truly something that meant a lot to me; it was not just a highlight of my college years, but my life really.  It was the first movie that I ever made and worked collaboratively in a small group of diverse people from different walks of life– something that I thought I’d never be able to do, particularly the editing part because I was totally technology deficient — and I was able to incorporate something so precious to me, Islam.  Not only this, but Why Islam will be accepting the video and will hopefully post it on their website, and this definitely looks good on resumes and will hopefully open up a lot more doors for my future.  It’s also a great way for me to combine my interests of writing, art, and religion.  It’s amazing how if you give a student the freedom to creatively express (with certain limitation of course), how far that student can go.

I came into class intimidated, thinking that I was the least skilled, least qualified student there but so far, to my utter surprise, I couldn’t be happier that I’m taking this course because I’ve learned a lot, had fun in the process, and no longer feel so “technology deficient.”  I’m significantly more confident in working with media and technology related material than ever before and I’m actually excited about what the future holds.  We know that for the next project, which will be on “Similarities between Islam and Judaism,” we’re working with podcast, something totally new for me, and I think this project will be even better than the last.  This class, without exaggeration, has been life changing.  I’m so grateful for the opportunities that I’ve received and only wish that the whole class and I will only continue to grow.


So I thought I’d give a small update now that the semester is nearly over.  I have completed the podcast on “Similar Sounds of Jewish and Muslim Worship” and my final project, which was an individually made video titled “Little Hijab stories.”  I have definitely learned a lot along the way and have only continued to build my confidence in regards to working with technology.  I was able to explore different modes of expression and learned how all these different ways to portray one’s message can be so effective in their own unique way.  The podcast, for example, was (obviously) pure sound, but it felt like a storybook.  One that I had to imagine because the images were gone but instead of this being boring, I felt it was an artistic challenge to my mind that pushed me to reflect and draw connections.  As for the video, I was initially going for a serious, documentary-like theme, but once I found out that there was a scrapbook theme and checked it out, it totally changed my mindset for how I wanted the video to be portrayed.  Because I liked the theme and it’s colors, designs, and overall girly-ness, I decided to use it and it made the whole video more lighthearted, but still important, and I found this to be both entertaining and educational.

I’m still excited about learning more and can’t wait to immerse myself in more fun projects in the near future now that I’m more prepared for them!!