Although someone already blogged about the booming topic of Joseph Kony and the KONY 2012 effort, I still feel extremely compelled to blog about it anyway because I truly think it is an important cause that has utilized modern day social media to bring light on a very real topic that people do not know about.

A man named Jason Russell created a video containing all the information about the KONY 2012 effort, posted it online, and urged everyone to share it with as many people as possible via the internet. But first,  here’s the basic information on the KONY 2012 effort:  basically it is an international effort to arrest Joseph Kony, leader of a Ugandan guerrilla group called  Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).  He abducts Ugandan children from their homes and turns them into child soldiers and sex slaves. Kony is not fighting for a cause or a reason with this army of his, but only maintaining this army to keep himself in a powerful position in Uganda.

Jason Russell’s video contains all of this information plus more and also urges people to support the international effort to arrest Kony, disarm the LRA and bring the child soldiers home to their families to spread the word by sharing this video. Russell along with the rest of the Invisible Children’s organization have utilized the internet and social media to reach out to young people hungry to make a difference in today’s world. Creating such a powerful video with a clear message and clear directions on how to help support this effort makes it very hard to turn your head the other way and simply ignore these horrible things happening to innocent civillians and children Uganda.

I learned about this effort through my Facebook newsfeed.  Many of my friends posted the link, so I gave it a look.  At first, I didn’t understand what the point of the video was, but as the video went on, I was angry and fueled to make a difference in anyway I could. People like Jason Russell and organizations like Invisible Children realize how powerful social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Youtube are so they post their messages out there to spread it and make it known to the world. In this case, their  goals are being met each and everyday. I shared the KONY 2012 video on my Facebook wall a few days ago and 3 of my friends told me they bought T-Shirts in support of the effort because they watched the video I posted. Can you imagine how big of a difference it would make if every Facebook user posted this video and recruited 3 of their friends to support this effort?…it would make a HUGE difference. That right there is the power of social media in today’s world.

Despite all the headache, drama, and paranoia social media can bring upon people, without social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, GREAT causes such as the KONY 2012 effort would not be possible.

Here’s the website to check out: