When I found out that Apple already came out with a new iPad that will be launched March 16th, it made me realize how fast Apple really does update their products. Apple constantly has new versions of phones, tablets, computers, etc. This makes sense because people are always looking for something new. They are always looking for the next best thing next to what they have already. The question is how different this third-generation iPad is from the second-generation one. How much improvement and new features can they make in not a long period of time?

An article I found discusses the new features of the iPad 3. To sum it up, it has new apps, higher definition, faster processing, etc. This following article will explain more in depth about it..

Once this new iPad 3 comes out I am curious as to whether or not anyone will still buy the iPad 2 or just buy the best new piece of technology that is out in the market. I feel as many people, especially those interested in technology, always want to get the best of everything. I am included in this group. That is why so many people will buy this new iPad, even though it only has few qualities that are different from the last version. Apple is a smart company because they know that they can sell this new iPad for more than the current iPad 2 and people will still buy it just because it is the new version. Apple improving on their products even just a minimal amount causes the public to go crazy and want to buy what is new on the market.