Presidential candidates are known to spread their campaigns through mostly television in the media. President Obama and his advisers have decided to create an online documentary, instead of the usual commercial. Since so many people go on the Internet these days, it could possibly more likely for someone to see this documentary through social networks and e-mails rather than watching a commercial on TV. Online videos are so popular these days that I really do believe they are watched more than commercials. President Obama has his own digital director, Teddy Goff, who is in charge of these matters. Only a few years ago, a digital director in a campaign would not even exist. Posting a video online causes people to share and spread it to others in so many ways, as oppose to a commercial which could only be spread by word of mouth. “It’s hard to be persuasive through a direct advertisement. But if you can get people to share videos, it adds a degree of credibility because a friend is endorsing it. People will take it more seriously,” said Darrell West, of the Center for Technology Innovation at the Brookings Institution.