This new app for smartphones intrigues me. It is a face recognition app, which uses It identifies people you are linked to on your social networks, like Facebook or Twitter. When you put the phone to a person’s face, their name will then show up on the phone. If you happen to not remember someone’s name that you previously met, which happens to me all the time, then this app comes in good use. It is crazy to think that a phone recognizes a person’s face and can place a name to it. This app really proves that these phones are “smart”. Another aspect of this app is that you can tag people on your smartphone right after the photo was taken. This eliminates the hassle of going through all your posted pictures on Facebook and tagging everyone individually.

CNN App Video

CNN states that this app is not always perfect and can occasionally not know a person’s face or name them as someone different. They believe that one day, as technology keeps growing, this app can work for random people and not only those who you are connected to through social networks.