For my sister’s 20th birthday, I wanted to surprise her with a new iPhone 4. She has a Blackberry and wants to cross over to the dark side, but she has no clue I’m getting it for her. Today, I went to the Verizon store to pick one up for her. The sales manager gave me a puzzled look. He said once I buy the phone, she will automatically know because her old phone will be deactivated. He went on to tell me that “trying to surprise someone with a phone as a gift is almost impossible these days.” I was shocked when he told me this. I thought of how many times my friends got phones as surprises for their birthdays/Christmas/etc and I realized how things are changing. Phones come with so many available plans. The salesman went on to tell me how I might get her the wrong “size” meaning 16G, 32G, etc. He also said I might pick out the wrong color (white/black).

All this work just to try and surprise my sister! What happened to the days when we could walk into Verizon, pick out a phone and give it to someone else as a present? Those days are long gone (unless you cut off their old phone and hope they dont notice until you give them the new one…yeh, right.) Just a thought on cell phones, but it happened to me today so I wanted to express it while it was still fresh in my mind!

Oh yeah…the salesman idea for how to represent I was getting her a phone for her birthday: “Most people print out a picture of an iPhone and put it inside a birthday card.” Hmmm…not as good as having the real thing, but it’ll have to work. For now, I have an iPhone 4S case with no phone to go inside it. Guess that’s the ever changing technology!