I was recently having a conversation with some people about how technology has grown over time. We were discussing how much it has progressed in just the last ten years or so. This made us wonder what it will be like in ten years from now. I am always pondering about what life will be like in the future and how things will be different and more technologically advanced. I came across this article about the technology of the future. People have created a “what we can expect” timeline for the future. There are goals to be accomplished for each year. For example, in 2012, Google+ passes Twitter in member accounts and also the largest man-made structure will enter the orbit. In 2016, they predict the world’s first space hotel. This article shows predictions for about 30 years. While reading this article, I could not believe what they predict for the future. We will be able to live through these years and find out if these predictions really come true or not. In the year 2040, they expect Alzheimer’s Disease to have a cure. All of these predictions will occur if technology keeps growing and becoming more and more advanced. Technology will be our life.


After reading this article and the predictions for the future, do you think that they will actually happen? It is definitely hard to imagine!